Goyt Valley & Errwood Hall Walk

This is a long or short walk ie 4 hours or all day taking in The Cat & Fiddle pub, in the Goyt Valley, Derbyshire. Can be got to from the Whalley Bridge to Buxton Road (A5004), turning off on to Goyt Lane just before (or just after) Long Hill Farm. (Google Maps)
This is a two car walk (or slightly longer if using one car). As you drive down Goyt Lane you will pass a car park on your left, by a large pond, this is where you would park if in one car, if you have the option of two cars you drive on down to the Reservoir and on the other side of the dam is the first of two car parks. You can park in either (the second being further along the reservoir and called Errwood Hall car park). Once you have parked one car, you all squeeze into the second car and drive back up the hill to the very first car park near the pond (just after crossing the dam you pass a small car park with a toilet!) You can find this walk using Ordance Survey Explorer map OL24.

The Walk

Walk out of the car park, turning left down the hill past the pond and a gate is on your left hand side. You will see an old railway track ahead of you, walk along this track which skirts around the valley until you reach an old blocked off tunnel. At this point there is a path off to your left going towards Buxton, the path that you take is on the right, and skirts down and round to the left to another gate. The gate takes you through a wall/fence and you head up following this wall (a short steep climb). The path follows the wall until you reach a trigpoint on Burbage Edge (on the other side of the wall you can see Buxton down in the valley) Sometimes this edge can be boggy. You carry on following the edge and the wall for just over another half a mile until you reach a fork in the path. Take the path to the right ( carrying on to the left would take you to the top end of Burbage & Buxton). Follow the path for another quarter of a mile and you will meet another fork – this is the point where you can either make it a longer walk and go up to the Cat & Fiddle pub (on the A537), or a shorter version will take you down the valley back via Berry Clough until you meet the river Goyt.

Follow the path down the valley until you meet a small wooden bridge crossing the river, don’t cross this bridge instead carry on following the path around to the right which rises up above the river until you see a older stone bridge below you on the left. The path carries on to the right (If you want to take in Errwood Hall  you need to cross the bridge). If you are using one car and not wanting to see Errwood Hall you can carry on the path around Wild Moor above Errwood Reservoir and on to the car park.

If you are using two cars, cross the bridge and climb the small bank up to the road.  You can do a small detour into the Goyt Clough Quarry and through the car park at the other end (5 mins) and then you have a choice of walking along the road (not busy but will have some traffic) or following the ‘River Walk” which runs above the river but avoids the road for a bit. When you meet the road at the other end of the river walk on the other side a path goes off up towards Errwood Hall. This is a nice walk past trees and meadows for about half a mile. You will meet a T Junction, off to the right Signposted Errwood Reservoir, to the left up towards Shining Tor (this is one of the paths coming down from the Cat & Fiddle). Carrying on at this point will take you towards Errwood Hall, you follow this path down and round to the left for about another quarter of a mile, as you come up again there is a path off to your right which takes you to the ruins of the Hall, through lots of old Rhododendrons.
After taking the detour to the Hall go back to the split in the path and head back down to the car park. If parking in the car park by the dam you will need to walk up along the reservoir, you can always buy an ice cream to get you there.

Long walk via Cat & Fiddle

From the fork at Berry Clough, you head over to the old road and turn right passing another car park which has a picnic spot. You will then meet the road which comes up from the Goyt Clough Quarry, carry straight on up the road towards the Cat & Fiddle pub. The road meets the A537 just before the pub, which is at the top of the hill. This is a point where you can have a refreshment break and see the views over towards Macclesfield and Cheshire. After The Cat & Fiddle you walk about 500 yds further along the road until you meet a path going off to the right and the road going down the hill to the left. Take this path and follow it around the edge to the right. After 3 quarters of a mile there is a path off to Shining Tor, but stay on the path to Shooters Clough. At Shooters Clough there is a gate off to the left and a sign post. If you want to detour to Errwood Hall you would turn off to the left, this is a nice wooded path; or you can go straight on down to a T Junction  which meets the path going up towards the Hall on the left, carrying on down at this point will take you to Errwood Hall Car Park.

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