Chatsworth, Baslow, Robin Hood Walk

This is a medium walk ie 2 -3 hours taking in Baslow, The Robin Hood pub & Chatsworth Estate. Can be got to from the Baslow to Chesterfield Road (A619), turning off at The Robin Hood pub (B6050) and Park in the free car park next to the pub car park. This can be a two car walk if you want to make it a bit shorter, in this case you would park one car in the Baslow car Park. You can find this walk using Ordance Survey Explorer map OL24. (Google Maps)

The Walk

Walk out of the car park, turning right down the hill past the pub, walk along the A road for about 100 yds going past the Robin Hood Farm and on the other side of the road you will see a gate and foot path sign post. Go through the gate and follow the path which goes down to a stream, cross the bridge and go up to the right, the path gradually clinmbs up to the Edge (which is marked as Dobb Edge on the map). As you walk along the Edge you can see Birchen Edge on the other side of the A619 above the Robin Hood Farm, on the left side of the path is Robin Hood plantation. Further along the Edge you will be able to look down on Baslow and Chatsworth, and sometimes you can see Deer in Park.  The Edge bears round to the left and after while you meet a wall with a stile . Once over the stile there is  a farm track, follow this track through the forest up to the Hunting Tower –  the Tower will be on your right in the trees – if you have plenty of time you can turn up to the right and walk up to the two lakes (Emperor and Swiss). In winter the lakes may be frozen – a good place for a photograph. If you go to the lakes, after seeing Swiss Lake walk back down and around the left side of Emperor Lake and down onto the Edge above Chatsworth House. You can stop at the cascade (in winter this may also been frozen and can be a good place to see icicles). You can stay on top or you can walk down just below the edge – both paths bring you back round to the tower.
From the Tower if coming from the lakes you will need to double back slightly for the path down into Chatsworth. Again if you have time you can take in Chatsworth House which is on your left as you descend. The walk carries on into the park and you head round to the right, taking the Jubilee Rock if you so wish. If doing the two car walk or wanting to break the walk up, you can walk straight down into Baslow. After Jubilee Rock, head on round to the right heading for the wall coming down from the Edge – you will see a gate in the wall. Go through the gate and you are heading for the track marked Saw Mill Track on the map. Follow this track back to the stream and bridge you crossed at the beginning. As you go along this track, on your right is some very nice formations in the rock.


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