I grew up in Exmouth and had a camera from a young age. I have always been interested in form and colour within the natural world. The south-west coast has different possibliities for the type of picture I am looking for from the north of England. The beaches are full of discarded natural and man-made objects to record; and the wild flowers grow amongst stone and sand.

Also some of the photographs below are from the graveyard in Littleham, just on the outskirts of Exmouth. I was in Devon in June 2006 and the grass in the graveyard had been left uncut for some time, and on the day I took the photographs they were just starting to cut it. I liked the tops of the stones appearing above the grass and how in some parts the flowers stood out more than the stones, and in others the stones stood above the flowers.This church and graveyard is really old and always interesting to walk around.

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